secretainChris Redenbach CDBC, CBCC-KA is the only trainer/behavior specialist in Georgia to hold both of the certifications offered for non-PhD’s. She has been certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants since 2006 and is one of only 56 people in the world who have earned the difficult Certified Behavior Consultant for Dogs from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Certifications are important to confirm theoretical knowledge, but to be helpful to you the client, thousands of hours of experience may be even more important. And in this department, Chris is one of the most experienced behavior consultants in the country, having been teaching behavior seminars nationwide since the early 90’s and training dogs professionally since the 80’s. She has taught college credit courses in animal behavior, designed humane education courses for children and adults, instructed animal control officers and lectured to the veterinary community. Chris also has experience training dogs for such varied disciplines as narcotics detection and has earned titles in obedience competition, French Ring Sport competition and herding. The latest project for Chris is the development of an online course to teach others to become dog behavior consultants. For more details on her accomplishments and education, check the list below. Chris says: “For years, long before it became commercialized, my clients have been calling me “the dog whisperer.” What it meant then was that I had an uncanny understanding of dogs’ behavior and could help the owners understand how to seamlessly bring about the changes that communication promotes. But anyone can learn to communicate with dogs. It is the art of close observation, the science to understand what you see and the techniques to turn confusion and fear into trust and cooperation. But in the realm of dog behavior and training, the dog is only half the puzzle. The other half is the owner and the environment. People want to enjoy and feel safe with their pets. They want to know they are doing a good job. They need respect, instruction in humane, effective techniques and the gentle humor and encouragement to tackle the job of changing their dog’s behavior and master their own misgivings. I enjoy bringing confused dogs and concerned owners together in a happy, satisfying bond” -Chris Redenbach CDBC, CBCC-KA Chris Redenbach, owner and founder of The Balanced Dog, has made dogs her passion for over 30 years. A few of Chris’s Credits:

  • Certified Member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • Certified Behavior Consultant for Dogs through CCPDT
  • Taught for 2 years college credit course Introduction to Animal Behavior
  • Instructed applied behavioral science courses to animal control officers & veterinary technicians
  • Served as Educational Director for a non-profit humane education company
  • Published many behavior and training articles in respected dog journals
  • Earned titles in the most complex and demanding forms of dog performance competition, including AKC and SCC sports
  • Trained and handled narcotic detection dogs
  • Coached problem solving with both hobby competition and police dog teams
  • Trained a dog born and living feral for two years to work in a children’s humane ed program
  • Saved many dog lives and homes resolving difficult behavior problems

For more information, See testimonials bingo6Training and behavior modification are both art and science. Just like any artist, a trainer or behavior consultant must be able to have their unique individual art shine through while still abiding by the rules of their medium. In dog behavior the rules of the medium require staying up to date on cognitive research, learning principles, the natural behavior (ethology) of the dog and the human and the work of other professional trainers and behavior consultants. A competent behavior consultant or trainer must also be very familiar with all the health conditions that can adversely affect a dog’s behavior and know when to recommend veterinary diagnostics. A true professional will never rely only on past experience and do things “the way they always did them” without testing results. The art of analyzing behavior and choosing effective training techniques comes only through years of really getting to know both the science and the essence of dogs and understanding that different owners have different images of how they want their dog to behave. Getting the two species coordinated is the key to success. You, the dog owner, need to assure yourself that the trainer you choose has a broad enough base of experience, accomplishments and knowledge to serve you fully.