Behavior Consultations

What is a Behavior Consultation?

Our Certified behavior consultant, Chris Redenbach CDBC, will visit with you and your dog to identify underlying causes and possible solutions for your dog behavior problems.

This process includes:

  • identifying problem behaviors and your concerns about them
  • taking a history of the problems and the dog’s general background info
  • finding out what you’ve already done to try to solve the problem,
  • observing and testing your dog’s behavioral responses (safely and without aggravating problems),
  • making suggestions for any health related specific testing for problems that may be physically related
  • outlining a process for improving the dog’s behavior if applicable
  • getting you started on a positive change

In Person

Usually, the ideal situation is to visit with the dog and owners in person in the environment where the problem occurs. Often, dogs behave very differently in different situations. We cover most of the metro Atlanta and outlying areas in person. We really attempt to keep costs fair and reasonable because our goal is to help as many dogs and owners as we can. When distances are prohibitive, we give the client the option of bringing the dog to one of our locations.

By Phone

Because many people live in locations that don’t have certified behavior consultants, we also offer phone consultations. Accompanying background forms and/or videos may be considered necessary for success, but often we can help through just one or more phone consultations. We offer an initial brief consultation free of charge because we know our clients are usually very worried and need some initial information to help them decide what to do.
Consultations over 15 minutes will require pre-payment through PayPal.

Email Consultations

We don’t type fast so we do not offer email consultations.

Schedule a behavior consultation or to ask further questions about what is involved. Please call us at 404 433 3278 or go to our Contact Us page.

If you are not sure you need a behavior consultation but want to improve your dog’s behavior or training, see our Services Overview page.


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