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We are happy to announce that we will be doing group classes in a lovely indoor facility one block off Peachtree Industrial in Sugar Hill/ Buford area just north of 20.

Our group classes are fun and educational.  Far more than just training, we also teach you structured ways to play productive games with your dog and bring out its talents. It’s geared to be a life style experience that prepares you to enjoy your dog in more activities for years to come. If you are not sure about whether you need group or private sessions, then scroll down to the info about when group training is appropriate.

Check out the variety of classes we have below.

Upcoming Group Classes

Pre-registration is required for all students. For more info on specific classes, check the puppy and advanced pages.

Everyday Skills and Manners

When: April 6, 2017
Where: Buford/Sugar Hill, GA indoors just off Pchtree Industrial
How much: $175
Who Can Come: Dogs over 16 weeks that are weak on basic control and commands. class limited to 6 dogs
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Life Skills for Pups

When: Summer classes to be announced
Where: Buford/Sugar Hill, GA indoors just off Pchtree Industrial
How Much $175
Who Can Come: Dogs 10 to 16 weeks class limited to 6
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Small Groups are best suited to

  • the dog owner who wants low cost training instruction
  • the owner who wants good basics to avoid future problems
  • most dogs with average behavior issues*
  • the owner who has the will to practice daily
  • the owner who has no trouble attending a series of classes on the same day and time for 6 to 8 weeks in a row (minus holidays)
  • dogs that do not represent a hazard to other students
  • a lower cost compliment to certain behavior modification programs started in private consultations** If any dog in our regular classes appears to pose a threat to other dogs or people, we refer them to private or specialized classes so that all our students will feel relaxed and comfortable to focus on their dog’s training.Some dogs undergoing behavior modification for specific problems may also benefit from the group experience. Occasionally we have small groups for owners who have been working on their dog’s behavior problems privately and have achieved good control.

Advantages of Group Classes:

  • Socialization for your dog with other dogs and people
  • Lower cost than private training
  • Moral support from other dog owners
  • Standardized techniques with homework instructions
  • Common behavior problem solutions discussed

Disadvantages of Group Classes:

  • Not mainly focused specifically on your dog’s issues
  • The same handler must be available for all classes or make arrangements for mini make-up sessions (only one free per course). Occasionally we allow two handlers from the beginning
  • Held in the same location except for occasional field trips
  • More generalized training techniques designed to be compatible with the majority of dogs and owners instead of completely custom tailored training
  • Not the place to deal with complex individual behavior problems or any aggression issues

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