Private Training

Private Training


is customized training at your home and the places you like to go with your dog. This is an affordable combination of highly scientific behavior modification and down to earth, practical training skills.

Most of our clients prefer this way of working with their dog. We like this format because we get to know you and your dog in everyday settings as individuals and that helps us help you achieve goals faster and better.

We focus on

  • building the bond of friendship between your dog and you
  • developing real life, practical skills and routines to help your dog control its behavior
  • teaching you how to deal with events that upset your dog and trigger unwanted behaviors
  • analyzing and solving behavior problems
  • giving you a thorough understanding of what caused any behavior problems

In a private session setting, we quickly chose targeted techniques best suited for your personality and your dog’s temperament and trainability.

Specifically targeting your goals creates faster progress and allows us to address issues you may be inhibited from addressing in a group setting. It gives you the best opportunity to understand and influence your dog very thoroughly.


  • Private training has a base cost plus a travel surcharge if you are more than 30 mile round trip from our headquarters.
  • You can pay by the single session or pre-purchase a package of sessions and get a discount. We encourage this mode by discounting because, although some problems can be solved with only one consultation, most owners and dogs require a short series of sessions that require commitment to the project.
  • We accept checks, cash and offer a convenient credit and debit card option through PayPal.
  • Talk to us about current rates, travel distances and discount programs.

Call today for your free phone evaluation! Let us help you decide what direction to take in changing your dog’s behavior. We truly want to help because we have found that, between the over abundance of internet “experts” and the helpful advice of friends, most dog owners are very misinformed and confused about how to interpret and what to do to change their dog’s undesirable behaviors.


Training & Behavior Services:


An initial training session is a base rate of $150.00 for the first visit (approx 1 1/2 hours) and $120.00 for subsequent visits if . Pre-paid 5 visit packages are discounted to $510.00. Training sessions differ from behavior consultations in that they don’t involve complex behavior problems that must be dealt with using complex behavior modification and

Long distances and increasing traffic congestion have forced us to add a travel surcharge when you are more than 30 miles round trip away from our home office. The surcharge is based on typical traffic delays in your area as well as overall mileage. Keeping it fair to both of us is a primary consideration and you may have the option to come to us to avoid extra travel charges. You can also use PayPal to prepay your consultation.

Some simple training needs require only one visit. Most require multiple visits to give you all the skills you need to work through training or behavior modification protocols. To reward our clients for making a commitment to sticking with a program for change for their dog, we offer some package discounts. Ask how you can qualify.