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Would understanding more about dog behavior help your group?

Workshops & People Training

For Veterinary Clinics:
Staff Education Series:

Reading Dog Body Language:  This lunch & learn educates your staff on how to recognize signs of stress and fear in dogs and suggests ways to make them feel less threatened.

Fielding Client Concerns about Behavior:  This lunch and learn helps orient staff how to talk to clients who are voicing concerns or complaints about their pet’s behavior and how to point these people to helpful resources.

Guiding Puppies to Have a Great Veterinary Experience:  This lunch & learn helps staff interact with puppies in a more confidence building way;  what to do with puppy aggression;  dominance or fear issues regarding puppies; myth busting; owner guidance.

Client Education Evenings recommended:
“Puppy Perfect” for new pup clients and
“Help! My Dog is Driving Me Nuts” for adolescent and older dog problems

Dog Clubs, Humane Groups:
Recommended “Evaluating behavior” and
“Behavior Make Over for the Rescue Dog”

School & Civic Groups:
Dog Bite Prevention K-5, 6-8, PTA
Human Education K-5, 6-8