Who I am and Why this blog

Hi, I’m Chris Redenbach. I’ve been training dogs since forever…oh, really I just don’t want to admit my chronological age because it has passed my emotional and biological age by a few. But training dogs doesn’t even come close to the life journey I’ve been on getting to know this most incredible of domesticated species. Dogs come in such a variety of behavior constructs that we call personality, aptitude, temperament, character and many other names. In this blog I’d like the freedom to explore with you about my quest to better understand dogs and how people relate to them, sometimes forming an almost transcendant bond and other times approaching a War of the Roses animosity. Dogs can bring out our best and, unfortunately are sometimes a demonstration of our worst. So this blog is for practical info as well as personal, scientific and philosophical points of view about dogs and people, or just dogs. I called my business The Balanced Dog to reflect my awareness of the value of balance in ouselves, our animals and the relationship between us and our animals. My early readings in classical ethology and the philosophy I studied in university led me to understand that we each live in a different world dictated by our sensory apparatus and interpreted by our body/mind. Those of us thoughtful enough, and with enough time on our hands to reflect, will each have a take on what is balance in a world we share with other creatures, specifically here, the dog. What do we do for them and what do they do for us? You are welcome to contribute your ideas.

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